Tenants are responsible to set up new accounts to connect the utilities corresponding with the exact dates of your lease agreements.  Links below to the various local entities.

Columbia Gas


Bluegrass Energy

1-888-546-4243 or 1-859-546-4243

Kentucky American Water


Lexington Sewers



Contact the local Post Office to get a lock and key made for your unit’s mailbox.


Three large rolling bins are provided for your household garbage (“Herbie”), recyclables (“Rosie”) and yard waste (“Lenny”). Residents are to wheel the containers to the curb for pickup on the designated pick-up day which is Friday of each week.  Some tips from the department of waste management.

  • Please place waste management carts on the curb, the evening before your collection day, after 4pm.
  • Please allow three feet of space between each cart, and set them away from mailboxes or light poles, with the handle facing your home so the trucks equipped with automated arms have enough space around each cart to safely grab it.
  • Extra cardboard should be flattened, bundled and placed besides your recycling cart.
  • If you are using bags for yard waste, please only use paper bags and place those on the curb, too.
  • Please don’t place items on top of the cart lids, and don’t park your car in front of the carts.
  • Always be mindful of the large DWM trucks and show your appreciation is by preparing your waste correctly in the curb in front of your home.
  • For more info and tips check out the DWM website.


Tenants are responsible for all minor repairs to maintain the leased premises in good condition and repair at all times including, but not limited to, clogged drains & toilets, light bulb replacement, garbage disposal (if applicable), smoke & fire detectors, HVAC filters, pest control, trash and debris removal, screens, window blinds, door stops and all other minor repairs and to report to us any needed repairs of major equipment malfunctions in a timely manner.

In summer, spring and fall, tenants are responsible to maintain the exterior landscaped area, including lawn, shrubs, mulching, weeding, leaf removal and trimming in a neat order in accordance with to the terms of your lease agreement.  Service companies10 that operate in the Hartland Park neighborhood are listed below:

  • Mowry Landscaping | Andrew Mowry | 859-494-0763
  • Martinez Lawn & Landscape |859-685-5287
  • Quality Mowing | Jon Mc George | 859-509-9659 |

In fall, remove any hoses from outside hose bib and store. Failure to do so can result in water leaks in the spring.

In winter, tenants are responsible for frozen pipes and all outside snow and ice removal from the premises.

Tenants are responsible to replace air filters in the ceiling air return vent every six months.

Please note that all of our units are non-smoking and violation will result in complete forfeiture of tenant’s security deposit plus possible additional charges.


Upon move-out, tenants are responsible to thoroughly clean the unit including kitchen, baths, carpet, windows, etc.  An inspection will be conducted upon move-out and if the unit is not properly cleaned or maintained charges will be assessed against tenant’s security deposit and if charges are in excess of the deposit, tenant has 7 days to reimburse landlord for any excess charges.  A partial list of possible charges is below:

  1. Oven/Stove – $100
  2. Refrigerator/Freezer – $50/each
  3. Dishwasher – $50
  4. Other Cleaning – $35 per hour
  5. Removing trash and  personal property – $100 and up
  6. Screens – $100 each
  7. Light Bulbs – $5 per bulb
  8. Missing Garage Door Opener – $150 each
  9. Missing Keys – $200
  10. Window Blinds – $50 window, $75 Door
  11. Wall or Window Sill Damage – $100-$125 per occurrence
  12. Damaged or Missing Doors Stops – $10 each
  13. Any other damage or neglect will result in a charge commensurate with the repair(s) performed